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Self-knowledge for people who love growth.


Take the Lumina Spark Portrait to elevate your self-knowledge and lead more effectively

When we know ourselves well, we're able to manage our stress responses and tap into the resources we need. Lumina Learning's award-winning Spark Portrait delivers in-depth insight into your dynamic personality.

Learn about your strengths, your areas of growth and any blind spots that may be holding you back. Complete your Portrait in approximately twenty-minutes online and receive your Report and Personalised Workbook by email. Follow this up with a ninety-minute one-to-one feedback coaching session with me. 

your dynamic personality

Did you know that you have three persona's?

Depending on who you are with, what you are doing and how much stress or pressure you're under, you may well behave very differently.  Your Lumina Spark Portrait reveals these three personas to you:

Your Underlying Persona

  • This is you at your most natural
  • When you are being this persona, you are highly motivated
  • You don't let everyone see this part of you

Your Everyday Persona

  • This is how you tend to behave
  • This is how others might see you
  • You may be consciously putting on this persona to suit your work environment

Your Overextended Persona

  • This is who you are when you are under stress, or...
  • How you react to unexpected events
  • This persona can come into effect unconsciously
Lumina Spark Digital Coach
Complementary with your Spark Portrait.

The exciting new edition to the Lumina suite of digital tools, Spark Coach is fully integrated with your your Spark Portrait. It allows you to continue your most important development areas long after our engagement has ended.

Answer personalised coaching questions, ensure you focus on what really matters and take genuine ownership of your growth into the future.



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Discover why I choose to work with Lumina Learning

As a Lumina practitioner, I'm blown away by the accuracy and depth their models reveal.  I use Lumina at the start of leadership coaching engagements, with teams and focused engagements and the outcomes are always transformational. My clients reap the benefits, both personally and collectively.

Right now, all of the inspirational work I'm doing around career coaching, team coaching and building cultures of innovation just wouldn't be as powerful without their incredible suite of integrated products and tools.

lumina learning

The integrated suite of digital psychometrics that reveal your dynamic personality

Lumina Learning is the award-winning innovative global learning company with an integrated suite of digital psychometric resources that reveal your dynamic personality.

Technology and psychology are at the heart of everything Lumina does. Advanced psychometrics and innovative integrated digital tools empower people with the skills and mindset needed to succeed.

By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings", Lumina helps you transform your performance by transforming yourself, your teams and your organisation.

Clients in 50+ countries around the world choose Lumina's assessments, products and tools because they are versatile, validated and accurate, promoting learning, agility and situational awareness.

who is LUMINA for?

Individuals, Teams & Organisations


Lumina reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase your self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. 


We are all grappling with the transition from face-to-face teamwork to the new world of hybrid working. Lumina's Virtual Teamwork solution will inspire your people to rise to the challenges of staying connected and collaborating when face-to-face is simply not possible.


Whatever your challenge, Lumina's suite of digital products can be used for a range of solutions. From training and development, coaching, team building, leadership, onboarding, selection, sales development to organisational development and much more.

Let's talk about how Lumina can add value to you, your team and organisation.