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Take the Lumina Spark Profile to give you the self-knowledge to lead more effectively

As the global ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, we are all experiencing dynamic change across all areas of our lives in real time. By now, we have a sense of how this global crisis will affect us personally and the impact it will have on our people and our businesses, our friends, family and our communities.

We're also getting to know ourselves so much better under extreme stress and pressure and learning that our greatest ally is self-knowledge. When we know ourselves well, we're able to be more agile and resilient, better connect with others from a place of empathy and tap into our creative and innovative thinking and action.


Right now, we all need to be more agile and resilient, connect with empathy and tap into our creative, innovative thinking and action

When we know ourselves well, we're able to better manage our stress responses and tap into the resources we need. Lumina Learning's award-winning Spark Profile delivers this insight to support you in mindfully leading yourself, your team and your business today and into the future.

Take the Lumina Spark Portrait in approximately twenty-minutes online by following this step-by-step process:

  1. Click on the button to securely pay for your full Report and personalised Workbook.
  2. Once you have made payment, you will be redirected to the Lumina Learning platform where you will take the Lumina Spark Profile. 
  3. The Profile should take you approximately twenty-minutes to complete - please keep your working life in mind whilst answering the questions.
  4. When you have completed your Profile, you will be sent your full report and Personalised Workbook by email.

Lumina Learning Spark Portrait



Did you know that you have three persona's?

And depending on who you are with, what you are doing and how much stress or pressure you're under, you may well behave very differently.  

Your Lumina Spark Profile reveals these three personas to you:

Your Underlying Persona

  • This is you at your most natural
  • When you are being this persona, you are highly motivated
  • You don't let everyone see this part of you

Your Everyday Persona

  • This is how you tend to behave
  • This is how others might see you
  • You may be consciously putting on this persona to suit your work environment

Your Overextended Persona

  • This is who you are when you are under stress, or...
  • How you react to unexpected events
  • This persona can come into effect unconsciously


Discover why I choose to work with Lumina Learning

As a Lumina practitioner, I'm blown away by the accuracy and depth their models reveal.  I use Lumina at the start of leadership coaching engagements, with teams and focused engagements and the outcomes are always transformational. My clients reap the benefits, both personally and collectively.

Right now, all of the much needed and amazing work we're doing around building 'conscious cultures of innovation' just wouldn't be possible without their incredible suite of integrated products and tools.

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The integrated suite of digital psychometrics that reveal your dynamic personality

Lumina Learning is the innovative global learning company with an integrated suite of digital psychometric resources that reveal your dynamic personality.

Technology and psychology are at the heart of everything Lumina does. Advanced psychometrics and innovative technology empower people with the skills and mindset needed to succeed.

By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as "human beings" rather than "human doings", Lumina helps people transform their performance by transforming themselves, their teams and their organisations.

Clients in 60+ countries around the world choose Lumina's award-winning assessments, products and tools because they are versatile, validated and accurate, promoting learning, agility and situational awareness.


Who is Lumina for?

Lumina's award-winning assessments are versatile, validated and accurate. They promote learning, agility and situational awareness and deliver exponential value to individuals, teams and organisation.



Lumina Learning reveals individual potential and inspires personal and professional growth. Clients gain a deeper self-awareness and the skills to influence with emotional intelligence and communicate with impact.



As virtual teams, project groups and remote reporting increase, people need to build relationships better and faster. Lumina's team solutions create a powerful understanding of the diverse personalities within a team, and the culture within which a team sits, as a catalyst to enable greater team effectiveness and value creation.



Increased organisational effectiveness is delivered through the design of customised solutions using Lumina's innovative products that deliver demonstrable benefits. When you put your people first you turn organisational change and effectiveness into an empowering experience for all.

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