21st Century team development for executive & leadership teams, c-suite and boards.

Work better. Together.

There is an urgent need for leadership teams to shift their collective mindset from one of short-term tactical, transactional thinking and survival to thriving through a bigger, broader systems lens.

Your leadership team's ability to trust one another, get connected and work well together may well be the most critical element in your organisations' ability to grow and prosper. 

By their nature, leadership teams, c-suite and boards are living systems. They are the powerhouses of our organisations. Bright, smart, experienced, high-value people who have a clear mandate to drive business performance, build cultures we want to work in and lead effectively, today and well into the future. 

Today, our world of work demands so much more from us, not least the ability to be comfortable living with ambiguity and the intensity and pace of change. We understand the exponential benefits in building connected, cohesive teams more than ever before.

We need deeper connections, stronger communication skills and greater cohesion. Above all, we need adaptable leaders who can come together to work as one.







Leadership team development has changed considerably over the last decade. Our experience over the last few disruptive years alone has given us incredible insight into what can be achieved when we work well, together. On the flipside, it has also highlighted inherent weaknesses, potential blind spots and areas for urgent development.
Numerous global studies and practical application have given rise to a fresh new systemic approach to developing leadership teams, focused on team diversity, creativity, agility and cohesion. Why? Because we get better business performance, we build cultures people want to work in and we're able to navigate change so much better.

Future-Focused Team Development

You have a vision, strategic objectives and a constant stream of challenges.

Work with me to work better, together. 


We start with deep listening and enquiry to fully understand what you want to achieve in line with your brief, acting as a sounding board, thought-partner and advisor.


We utilise award-winning tools to give you instant insight into your individual and collective strengths, potential blind spots and any urgent areas for development.


We design a smart, layered engagement using the best models and tools for the desired outcomes across all aspects of team cohesion and future readiness.


The good stuff - we work together, dynamically assessing, adjusting and optimising as we go along. We enable your team to lead better together, today and well into the future.
  • Create a shared purpose, values and vision and collaborate to drive diligent implementation
  • Bring diverse people together by reducing the barriers between them and enable more authentic connections
  • Shift your collective mindset from one of short-term tactical thinking and survival to thriving through open, collaborative, innovative thought and action
  • Challenge your collective thinking and develop the ability to think about the future from a bigger, broader systems lens
  • Become more accountable, inclusive and supportive, valuing each other's differences and creating success together
  • Harness your team's diverse talents and collective intelligence to find innovative solutions to complex challenges

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Leadership coaching

Professional Coaching for leaders at all levels

Clients talk about coaching being such a positive life-changing journey, which delivers measurable results in a short period of time.

Coaching inspires, elevates and accelerates your personal and business growth. It helps you to develop your purpose and values, broadens your perspective and holds you accountable. It supports you to dream bigger and bolder and to take the right action to realise your full potential.


Harness the powerful diversity in your people

The global pandemic and a new era of hybrid working has forced us all to step back, reevaluate and reimagine cultures we want to be a part of. Right now, as we think more deeply about culture and what truly drives us, we're faced with many more questions than answers. 

Where should we spend our time, energy and money? How can we create powerful, regenerative cultures to support the future we are all co-creating? What are the mental models leadership teams need in order to create cultures we want to be part of?


Ignite what truly matters in high-performing teams

As a Lumina Learning Practitioner, I use their innovative, award-winning products and tools with individual leaders and leadership teams to give you instant insight into your strengths and any blind spots that may be holding you back.

Deepen your self-knowledge and self-mastery, accelerate collaboration, creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Ignite your curiosity and empower your team to develop themselves.

build your personal brand

Personal Brand Development

We all have a personal brand – whether we are managing it or not. Your brand is all about how other people perceive you, which results in your reputation.  And this has a direct and measurable effect on your ability to be successful.
Are you ready to elevate your presence, make the right impact and feel in control of where you are going? Building your brand will give you the personal insight and tools to do just this.

All good things start

with a conversation.