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Creative, innovative and purposefully disruptive

Today, we understand there is very little that science and technology can't or won't achieve. We are all rapidly shifting from using digital as a method to execute our business strategies, to weaving it into the very fabric of our business models and how we connect to, and interact with all of our stakeholders. 

If we are to create a sustainable, profitable way of operating, we need to focus our attention on our people and the cultures we are creating in the context of our world of work today. 

A context that is increasingly seeking purpose and meaning, creativity and innovation, flexibility and agility.

We need to invest in building conscious cultures of innovation. Cultures that have meaning and purpose at their core, are really great places to work, have the right environment to foster innovation and intrapreneurship and have a positive, measurable impact on all of our stakeholders including people, society and the environment.


Building a conscious culture of innovation is a combination of developing conscious leaders and teams and creating the right environment for innovation to flourish. 

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Build a culture of innovation

When we understand innovation is simply a process of Ideation + Implementation = Innovation, we begin to realise we are surrounded by bright, smart, creative, innovative people! The question is, where is this capability within your organisation and how can we harness it to create sustainable growth and transformation?

We use Lumina Learning Innovation tools and modalities, specifically designed to gain instant insight into just how creative and innovative you are, individually and collectively. These tools reveal your and your teams' strengths and areas that need growth and development.

We then take you through a process of building and using your collective capabilities across the innovation cycle and support you to build a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship, specifically suited to your business and the context in which you operate.


Create a vibrant, conscious culture to support your growth

It's fair to say when you invest in developing yourself and your people with intention, your culture will naturally reflect this. Conscious cultures start with conscious leaders being purposeful about how they show up and how they develop people. 

I work with you to develop your people and culture strategy, coach you and your leadership team and, wherever possible, use Lumina Learning products and tools to give you instant insight before we begin.

Conscious Leadership

Traditional leadership models no longer fully serve the purpose that today's world of work demands. Conscious leaders are people who have evolved to be self-aware, who practice self-mastery, are able to harness the collective intelligence in their teams and organisations and are fully aware of the ecosystems in which they operate. 

Conscious CULTURES

Our business cultures are the very lifeblood of our organisations. We are all purpose driven and deeply connected to environments that honour us as human beings, not just human doings. When we build our cultures with intention, we attract people and stakeholders who are aligned with our core values and co-create exponential value through our collective consciousness and intelligence.

Conscious BUSINESS

Organisations that incorporate elevating humanity through business are winning hearts, minds and market share. Using business as a force for good, they cultivate conscious leaders and teams and cultures throughout their ecosystems. They demonstrate their long-term view through stakeholder-oriented 'purpose with profit' models. 

I have known Louise in a professional setting since 2000 and have again and again been impressed by her ability to understand complex situations as well as atypical profiles and to produce or suggest original and out-of-the-box solutions to the needs on hand. Louise is also keenly passionate about what makes people tick and very approachable as well as charismatic. I can highly recommend her services. 

Tanja Tibaldi


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