How do we foster cultures we want to be a part of in a new era of 'work-from-anywhere' and hybrid work?

As we think more deeply about more 'work-from-anywhere' or hybrid work, culture, what drives us and growth, we're faced with a myriad of questions.

Our corporate cultures are so much more than a common mission, vision and a set of values. They're a system of beliefs and behaviours we encounter and enact with day-to-day.

Culture frames how we experience our organisation and our place within it. It reflects how we show up and get things done. Its power lies in creating and nurturing a sense of belonging and a deeper, meaningful connection to a greater purpose.

The global pandemic and a new era of 'where and how' we work has forced us all to step back, reevaluate and reimagine cultures we want to be a part of. Right now, as we think more deeply about culture and what truly drives us, we're faced with many more questions than answers. 

Where should we spend our time, energy and money? How can we create diverse, regenerative cultures to support the future we are all co-creating? What are the mental models leadership teams need to create growth cultures we want to be part of?

Be purposefully, intentionally disruptive.

Today, we understand there is very little that science and technology can't or won't achieve.
Over the last couple of years we've seen a rapid shift from using digital as a method to execute our business strategies, to weaving it into the very fabric of our business models and how we connect to, and interact with all of our stakeholders.
If we are to create a sustainable, profitable way of operating, we need to develop a bigger, broader systems lens on the world, which is reflected in our corporate cultures. 
Today, people the world over are actively resisting returning to what was and seeking a new way of working that honours the 'human being', not just the 'human doing'.

Conscious Cultures

Conscious Cultures that have meaning and purpose at their core are vital to our new era of hybrid work. They foster inclusivity, diversity, trust, resilience, creativity, agile thinking and innovation. They bring people together and are really great environments to be a part of. They also have a positive, measurable impact on all of our stakeholders, including society and the environment.

When you invest in developing yourself and your people with purpose and intention, your culture will naturally reflect this. Conscious cultures start with leaders being mindful about how they show up, develop their teams and work with their stakeholders.

Conscious Leadership

Traditional leadership models no longer fully serve the demands of today's world. Conscious leaders are people who have evolved to be self-aware, who practice self-mastery and are able to harness the power of diversity and inclusion in their teams and organisations. Ultimately, as a member of the leadership team, they are able to work better, together.

Conscious CULTURES

Our business cultures have always been the very lifeblood of our organisations, however, today they are in flux. When we build our cultures with intention, we attract people and stakeholders who are aligned with our purpose and core values to co-create exponential value. Today, we have a dynamic window of opportunity to create the cultures we all want to work in.

Conscious BUSINESS

Organisations that use business as a force for good are winning hearts, minds and market share. The rise in the number of B-Corps listed over the pandemic points to a shift in focus the world over. Conscious businesses demonstrate their long-term view through a bigger, broader systems lens and cultivate conscious leaders, teams and cultures throughout their ecosystems. 

Build a Culture of Agile Thinking & Innovation

Today, leaders around the world recognise the urgent need shift their organisational mindset from one of short-term tactical thinking and survival to thriving through collaborative, innovative thought and action.

Take a journey together to unleash and utilise the powerful diversity your team offers.

LEAD : innovation programme

Any type of innovation is simply a result of great ideas put into action. Saying this, It does require a very different type of Agile Thinking and Creative Collaboration. Your leadership team's diverse disciplines, perspectives and backgrounds need to work together to navigate ambiguity, unearth bold ideas and embrace new ways of working.

Originally developed for the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), this programme is designed for leadership, executive, c-suite teams and boards.

We take your leadership team through an iterative process of developing and using your collective thinking and capabilities and support you to build a thriving culture of agile thinking and innovation.

Let's Work Together

Over the last couple of years, I've worked with c-suite, leadership and people teams to deal with global issues that have impacted all of us on a deeply personal level. When we think about the the extraordinary circumstances we're living through, we can understand why returning to what was is being met with resistance the world over.

It's time to get out in front of this and proactively create the future we want to live in. Get in touch if you'd like to explore what's possible for you and your company.

I have known Louise in a professional setting since 2000 and have again and again been impressed by her ability to understand complex situations as well as atypical profiles and to produce or suggest original and out-of-the-box solutions to the needs on hand. Louise is also keenly passionate about what makes people tick and very approachable as well as charismatic. I can highly recommend her services. 

Tanja Tibaldi


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