Frequently Asked Questions

Do you coach individuals?
Yes, I love coaching individuals. I coach entrepreneurs, executives, leaders and people at c-suite levels for a wide range of purposes from personal and leadership development to navigating all kinds of business and career change. 
What type of work do you do with leadership teams?
Typically my role is one of external sounding board, challenging the status quo to unravel complexity and turn obstacles and challenges into growth opportunities. I'm a coach, thought-partner and advisor, supporting teams with both their most pressing immediate issues and their ongoing growth and development.
What types of companies do you work with?
Over the last seventeen years, I've worked with a wide range of companies in most sectors and in a number of countries. I was fortunate to work for both listed and private companies in my early career and my years in executive search gave me real insight into how different companies, cultures and leaders work. For me, the most important factor when deciding to work with a company is the leadership team's mindset of change, transformation and growth.
Do you use psychometrics and personality profiling?
Yes, wherever it will add value. I'm a practitioner for Lumina Learning's award-winning behavioural-science based profiles, tools and modalities. They deliver immediate insight across individual and team engagements and form the foundation of some of the developmental work I do with teams including Resilience, Agile Thinking, Innovation and Diversity.
What are your fees?
It depends on the scope of work and the period of time we agree to work together. Fees can vary hugely from individual or team coaching to speaking engagements so the best thing to do is to talk to me about what you want to achieve and I'll happily provide you with fees and proposal.
Can I book you for an hour's coaching?
Yes, if we've worked together in the past. I don't usually work with new clients in this way as the chances of you achieving change and growth in an hour are minimal. If you're going through a major challenge and need an external sounding board, send me a mail with an outline of what's going on and I promise to consider it and get back to you straight away.
What's your lead time - are you taking on new clients?
Yes I am, however, depending on the scope of the work and how often we need to meet, there may be a slight delay. Contact me, let's discuss what you want to achieve and I will be able to give you a start date.
Are you delivering live keynotes and workshops?
Yes, I'm always happy to travel, however, it depends on the current country-based constraints. If your country is open to travel then I am happy to be there!

Media Appearances

Louise is an experienced and regular commentator in the media in print, on radio and television. She is available wherever possible and at short notice to comment on a wide range of leadership issues in the context of the latest news, current affairs and trends.

Popular topics include Leading in Today's World of Work, Conscious Leadership, Business as a Force For Good, Cultures of Innovation, How to Think Like a Futurist, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Building Your Personal Leadership Brand and Career Change & Transitions.

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