You have goals, objectives, dreams, ambitions - a vision for yourself. Start now. There is no time like now.

Start now. 

There is no time like now.

The future is way faster than we think. As leaders at all levels, we know we need to meet complex challenges with agility, creativity and resilience. We also know we need to get comfortable living with ambiguity and the intensity and pace of change.

In our emergent world of work, who we are and how we go about doing what we do is directly correlated to our ability to make sense of today's challenges and to lead ourselves, our teams and our businesses into the future. We need to be empathetic, compassionate, inclusive, courageous, collaborative and so much more.

Whilst none of this is news, what is important is the gap between knowing all of this and being able to lead in this way. Between our understanding and our behaviour. Because, when we're under pressure, what we know has little value if we aren't able to show up in this way and be these things.

Coaching is by far the most effective method to support you to realise your full potential and your dreams, no matter how big and bold they may be.

My work as a Professional Coach over the last seventeen years has consistently evolved with one purpose in mind - to help you lead with self-knowledge - consciously and effectively and to fully realise your goals, objectives, purpose and vision for yourself.
This is for you if you're an executive, leader, entrepreneur, c-suite or board member and know the time is right to bring about the change you desire.
Arrange a time with me to explore the right options for you.

Coaching for leaders at all levels

Become more self-aware, gain self-knowledge and lead from a place of conscious self-mastery. Ultimately, take full responsibility for your growth and development as a leader - today and well into the future.

  • Develop your self-knowledge and operate from a place of authenticity and integrity, rooted in your values and purpose
  • Successfully navigate new challenges, change and ambiguity and develop your ability to be resilient
  • Lead from a place of inclusivity and connection and harness the diverse talents in your team and all of your stakeholders
  • Challenge your thinking, reveal any blind spots that may be holding you back, broaden your perspective and develop your insight and intuition
  • Develop your curiosity, creativity and innovative thinking and action
  • Build a new future-focused lens on the world including futures, agile and systems thinking and sensemaking mental models to support you to lead into the future, today
Louise Mowbray works with leaders around the world...

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Clients talk about coaching being such a positive, life-changing journey, which delivers measurable results in a short period of time.

Coaching inspires, elevates and accelerates your personal and business growth. It helps you to develop your purpose and values, broadens your perspective and holds you accountable. It supports you to dream bigger and bolder and to take the right action to realise your full potential.

Through Louise's conscious leadership process, which is so meticulous, I have my 'mojo' back and my business is completely inspiring and fulfilling.

Queen Ramotsehoa


Louise took me on the amazing journey of developing myself, which then cascaded into developing the Finance Team as a whole.

Shane Budd


Louise has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly where to go in a session... she combines intuition and expertise in the most powerful of ways.

Gina Hayden


Who do we need to be to lead in today’s emergent world of work?

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that leadership, very simply, is why people choose to follow one another in the context of what’s going on in our world at the time. 

So what leadership ‘personality traits’ or qualities correspond to the business, societal and environmental challenges and opportunities we’re all facing, as we focus our attention on the immediate future and beyond? Who would you follow? What are you doing that would inspire others to follow you?

Over the last couple of years, the traits we’ve identified as being fundamental to being a successful leader have shifted. The war cries for “hustle, grit and grind”, which were so loud in the few years preceding the pandemic, have quietened somewhat. And it's no surprise. Our context has changed. We’ve been on a rollercoaster ride, journeying through a foreign landscape needing a different array of skills and a fresh new mindset and perspective.

We’ve learned much about ourselves. We’ve dug deep to unearth and hone strengths we might not have used much — and become conscious of blind spots we could not previously have begun to fathom. Ours and other people's mental and emotional health have been front of mind and we’ve normalised talking about how we feel in the workplace.

We’ve also heard much about how we need to be more innovative, resilient, agile, empathetic, compassionate, inclusive, courageous, collaborative and so much more. All well and good if these come naturally to you, but, can you and I really get better at doing this stuff? Can we be more of these things?

The simple answer is yes — and we have some great research to prove it. Behavioural science-based organisations have been hard at work measuring how our personalities might have changed over the course of the pandemic. In one study from Lumina Learning, in association with Henley Business School in the UK, CEO’s from across the sectors, around the world have become more ‘people focused’ (accommodating, collaborative and empathetic) with more open access to those they lead.

There is also a collection of ‘mental models’ or our 'lenses on the world,' which, when developed, will help us navigate the future better. Sensemaking, futures thinking, critical thinking, systems and design thinking all spring to mind. And there are no shortages of organisations to help us to be ‘lifelong learners’.

At the heart of our ability to change is a desire or need to do so. Coaching is by far the quickest, most effective way of developing ourselves to be the leaders we know we are capable of being, today and into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Coaching for?

Executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and people at c-suite and board levels who want to develop themselves as leaders and business people. If you're looking for career coaching, you will find it here.

Are coaching sessions held online?

All coaching sessions are held online using Zoom or a similar platform. 

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely. Coaching sessions are 100% confidential and are not recorded. Louise abides by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics

How long is a coaching session and how often are they held?

Coaching sessions are sixty-minutes each and are typically held in three Phases. Phase 1 is one session per week for six to eight-weeks, Phase 2 is one session every two weeks and Phase three is one session every three to four weeks. 

How do I decide on how many Phases I need?

Book a time to have a conversation with Louise - she will be able to advise you on the Phases of coaching and more importantly, you'll have an opportunity to to explore what you want to achieve through coaching.

I want to go ahead - what happens next?

Louise will be in contact with you to schedule your sessions. She will also send you Mowbray by Design's T's & C's for you to complete and an invoice for the first Phase.

Do I need to prepare for my coaching sessions?

Coaching is always more effective when you have a purpose or vision in mind. Take some time to really think about what you want to get out of the sessions and focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. A tip here: don't worry about the how for the time being!

Can I reschedule one or more of my sessions?

Yes, as long as you provide Louise with a minimum of 24-hours notice, you may reschedule one or more of your sessions.

Can I purchase coaching for my organisation?

Yes, Louise works with leadership teams and organisations across the sectors. You can explore Leadership Team Coaching or get in touch with her for more information.

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Reveal your dynamic personality in 20-minutes online

As a Lumina Learning Practitioner, I use their innovative, award-winning products and tools where appropriate to give you instant insight into your strengths and any blind spots that may be holding you back.

Deepen your self-knowledge and self-mastery, accelerate collaboration, creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Ignite your curiosity and empower your people to develop themselves.

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