You have goals, objectives, dreams, ambitions... a vision for yourself.

Start now. There is no time like now.


There is no time like now

Clients talk about coaching being such a positive life-changing journey, which delivers measurable results in a short period of time. 

Coaching inspires and elevates your business journey. It helps you to develop your purpose and values, broadens your perspective and holds you accountable. It supports you to dream bigger and bolder and to take the necessary action to realise your full potential. 

My work as a Professional Coach over the last fifteen years has consistently evolved with one purpose in mind - to help you lead with self-knowledge; consciously and effectively and to fully realise your goals, objectives, purpose and vision for yourself.

This is for you if you're a leader, decision-maker or business owner and you know the time is right to bring about the change you desire. Arrange a time to explore the right options for you.

Louise took me on the amazing journey of developing myself, which then cascaded into developing the Finance Team as a whole.

Shane Budd


Louise has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly where to go in a session... she combines intuition and expertise in the most powerful of ways.

Gina Hayden


Through Louise's conscious leadership process, which is so meticulous, I have my 'mojo' back and my business is completely inspiring and fulfilling.

Queen Ramotsehoa


Coaching Solutions

Professional Coaching for people and teams who love growth

Louise Mowbray works with leaders around the world...

leadership coaching

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Become more self-aware, gain self-knowledge and lead from a place of conscious self-mastery:

  • Successfully navigate change, new challenges and vital career transitions
  • Operate from a place of authenticity and integrity, rooted in your values and purpose
  • Challenge your thinking, broaden your perspective and develop your insight and intuition
  • Develop your curiosity, creativity and innovative, agile thinking and action
  • Lead from a place of connection and harness the collective intelligence of your team and stakeholders

Unify Teams

Team & Board Coaching & Mentoring

Ignite what truly matters in high-performing leadership teams:

  • Create a shared purpose, values and vision and collaborate to drive diligent implementation
  • Bring people together by reducing the barriers between them and enable more authentic connections
  • Challenge your collective thinking, broaden your perspectives and develop the ability to think about the future from a wider angle
  • Become more accountable, inclusive and supportive, valuing each other's differences and creating success together
  • Harness your collective intelligence to find innovative solutions to complex challenges 


Build a Culture of Innovation

Creativity and innovation are no longer nice-to-haves, they are essential if we are to transform and grow our businesses in today's world of work. We need to create the right environment for innovative thought and action and weave it into the very fabric of our business cultures.  

We use ground-breaking tools to help you assess just how innovative you are, individually and collectively and inspire you and your team to drive the future of your organisation.

build your personal brand

Personal Leadership Brand Coaching

We all have a personal brand – whether we are managing it or not. Your brand is all about how other people perceive you, which results in your reputation.  And this has a direct and measurable effect on your ability to be successful.

Are you ready to elevate your presence, make the right impact and feel in control of where you are going? Building your brand will give you the personal insight and tools to do just this.


One of the most important factors in any engagement

The first vital step before embarking on coaching is to establish whether there is chemistry between us, which has been reported as one of the most important factors in any successful coaching/mentoring relationship.

Explore this for yourself. Book a time with me to have a conversation about your purpose, what you want to achieve and the right approach for you.


Reveal your Dynamic Personality in 20-Minutes online

As a Lumina Learning Practitioner, I use their innovative, award-winning products and tools to give you instant insight into your strengths and any blind spots that may be holding you back.

Deepen your self-knowledge and self-mastery, accelerate collaboration, creativity, innovation and problem-solving. Ignite your curiosity and empower your people to develop themselves.

All good things start

with a conversation.