Invest in four sessions over four weeks, designed to help you to shift, change and grow in the shortest possible time.

Step into pure possibility

Four Coaching Sessions over the course of four weeks designed to get you moving forward in the shortest possible time. 

Every now and again we feel stuck and need a dynamic coaching engagement to get us moving in the right direction with purpose, clarity and confidence.
I have designed this engagement to do just this. It's based on the firm foundations of an assessment to give you instant insight into your strengths, areas of growth and any blindspots that may be holding you back.
We then work together over four coaching sessions to overcome any obstacles you're facing right now and support you to develop clarity and take action on your career and/or business purpose and desired outcomes.


One-to-One Virtual Coaching Engagement


Leaders at all levels


  • One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring
  • Lumina Learning Personality Profile

1:1 TIME

4.5 Hours

Considering professional coaching? Louise Mowbray is best in class and has an excellent track record and success at C-Suite levels across multiple industries globally. I give Louise my warmest recommendation.
Laura Lykkegaard

Who is this for?

  • This is for you if you're a leader, entrepreneur, decision-maker or business owner and you know the time is right to take action and bring about the change you desire.
  • You're experiencing change or are preparing for change in your business life and know that you need a sounding board, accountability and clarity about the way forward.

what are the outcomes?

  • You'll increase your self-awareness, reveal your hidden potential and any blind spots that may be holding you back. Broaden your perspective, lead and connect with others more effectively and cope better under pressure. 
  • Take all that you've learned about yourself and your business life and empower yourself to realise your goals, objectives, dreams, ambitions and vision for yourself.

How this Engagement works


We'll book our four coaching sessions in advance and you'll complete my online coaching questionnaire to give me insight into your background and your purpose and desired outcomes for our engagement. 


Take the award-winning Lumina Learning Assessment online (20-minutes). You'll receive your full report and gain access to Lumina's digital assets including the Splash App and digital Spark Coach


Having established your purpose for coaching, what's going on in your life and what you want to achieve, we embark on four coaching sessions over a period of four weeks. The first is 90-minutes and the following three are 60-minutes each.




Paying in USD? Approximately:


Talk to Louise about what you want to achieve.

Are you new to coaching?

My work as a Professional Coach over the last sixteen years has consistently evolved with one purpose in mind - to help you lead with self-knowledge, consciously and effectively and to fully realise your goals, objectives, purpose and vision for yourself.
Victoria Ward


I found Louise to have such a positive and stimulating energy. Not only did the experience enhance my career but also my personal life.
Stephen Parry

Senior Partner

Louise possesses the skill and knowledge to bring out the essence of oneself and create clarity of purpose, which had an immediate and lasting impact.
Gina Hayden

Author & CEO

Louise has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly where to go in a session… her shifts of me in the shortest of times have been nothing short of amazing.
Sharad Verma


Louise is extremely sharp and has an innate understanding of personalities… she gets to the point quickly and delivers results exceeding expectations.

What do you want to achieve?