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Welcome to a fresh, relevant approach to developing ourselves, our teams and our businesses in today's world of work


We use our expertise and experience to help you lead into the future, today

Welcome to Mowbray by Design, the creative, Conscious Leadership Consultancy led by Louise Mowbray. We specialise in conscious leadership, building innovative cultures and driving business as a force for good in today's world of work. 

Our services encompass coaching, mentoring, people strategy, consulting, workshops and keynotes. We also use highly innovative psychometric and development tools wherever possible to support your growth and transformation.

Services & Solutions

Begin with the end in mind

Individual & Team

Leadership Coaching

Develop your conscious leadership skills and competencies, advance your thinking capabilities and lead from a higher state of self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-mastery, individually and collectively.

people & culture

Build a Culture of Innovation

Ignite what truly matters to your leadership team and people, embrace different perspectives and use your collective power to build a conscious culture of innovation, transformation and growth.


Keynotes & Workshops

Keynotes and workshops are the powerhouse of collective thinking and action - the ideal way to engage people, ignite potential and deliver step-by-step methods and tools for transformation. 


Psychometrics & Tools

We work with Lumina Learning innovative psychometrics, modalities and tools to gain instant insight and clarity into who we really are, individually and collectively including Leadership, EQ, Teams, Innovation, Organisation and more. 


Discover how we make a difference to you, your team and your company

Today, our business and societal context is one of exponential change and increasing complexity. It has redefined our world of work and sparked a new spirit of human-centric business. A spirit that is increasingly seeking purpose and meaning, creativity and innovation, flexibility and agility.

It truly is an extraordinary time to be alive. Together, we are all navigating uncharted territory and being asked to step-up, shift and change. Our actions and behaviours as leaders, teams and organisations are increasingly transparent and have a direct impact on our bottom line.

This dynamic context demands a transformation in how we develop ourselves and our people, build our businesses and contribute to society. Innovative, purpose-driven, values-based, stakeholder-oriented leaders, teams and organisations are winning hearts, minds and market share.  

Here at Mowbray by Design, we are focused on helping you to not only create success but to thrive in this, our new world of work.  If you'd like to explore this for yourself, your team and your business, then I invite you to connect and participate in raising the bar in how we do what we do - personally, in business and in society.


What our clients have to say

Louise is a change agent... her valuable insight, knowledge and research had a significant impact on our Women Presidents Organisation Members!

Annemarie Mostert


Louise possesses the skill and knowledge to bring out the essence of oneself and create clarity of purpose, which had an immediate and lasting impact...

Stephen Parry

Senior Partner

Louise is a rare breed... She helped me find and consistently communicate insights that helped me become a more focused and powerful leader.

Angel Gambino

serial entrepreneur

podcast & blog

Insight & Inspiration


Let's have a conversation