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I use my expertise and experience to help you lead into the future, today.

Welcome to Mowbray by Design, the creative, Conscious Leadership Consultancy led by Louise Mowbray.
Louise is a thought-partner, coach, strategist and consultant to entrepreneurs, leaders, c-suite and their teams across a number of countries, cultures and sectors. She specialises in conscious leadership and business as a force for good, trends, futures, foresight and DEI. As a professional speaker she is regularly invited to deliver keynotes and workshops. Louise is also the Host of LIFT Podcast, LIFT Conversations on Camera and Time to Pivot open sessions.

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You have goals, objectives, dreams, ambitions... a vision for yourself, your people and your business. How can I help you to realise these?














Word of Mouth

Louise is a rare breed... She helped me find and consistently communicate insights that helped me become a more focused and powerful leader.

Angel Gambino


Louise's sessions provided invaluable perspective on how to adapt business strategy/direction to meet the needs of our modern world. 

Simon Lockett


Louise is a change agent... her valuable insight, knowledge and research had a significant impact on our Women Presidents Organisation Members!

Annemarie Mostert



Striving to make a difference.

Today, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our business and societal context is one of exponential change and increasing complexity. Our myths and truth are falling away and the vulnerabilities in our systems are being revealed to us.

We are redefining our world of work sparking a new spirit of human and digital-centric business. A spirit that is seeking purpose and meaning, creativity and innovation, flexibility and agility.

This truly is an extraordinary time. Together, we are all navigating uncharted territory and being asked to step-up, shift and change. Our values, actions and behaviours as leaders, teams and organisations are increasingly transparent and have a direct impact on our bottom line.

This dynamic context is inspiring a transformation in how we develop ourselves and our people, build our businesses and contribute to society. Innovative, purpose-driven, values-based, stakeholder-oriented leaders, teams and organisations are winning hearts, minds and market share.  

Here at Mowbray by Design, I'm focused on helping you to not only create success but to thrive in our emergent new world of work.  If People, Planet and Prosperity are front of mind and you'd like to explore this for yourself, your team and your business, I invite you to connect with me and participate in raising the bar in how we do what we do - personally, in business and in society.

All good things start

with a conversation.